Hey guys :D

I want to give you some tips on how to concentrate well during your study. This is all about your STUDY ZONE :DD
There are six rules, btw. Take a look (:

Find yourself a regular, quiet place where the only thing you will do is homework and study. Never study on bed.

Plan your special study zone to be quiet. Noisy distractions of TV, radio or people won't help you concentrate. Telephones should be turned off.

Your study zone should have all the materials you need, including a dictionary, notes, some papers, erasers, etc.

You study zone should be clutter-free. Keep a separate folder or binder for each subject. Never bring games, toys, magazines into your study zone, be warned they will attract you

Study alone! Your study zone should be just for you, and you alone. Inviting friends could mean you will end up talking instead of studying.

I am too lazy to write. heheh

Okay I think 5 rules are enough for you la kids :P Banyak2 pun buat apa jugak kan, korg bukannya nak ikut apa aku nasihat pun kan? -_____-"
So, kalau nak compare ngan aku punya study zone, mmg jauh beza kot haha.


#1. aku suka study atas katil. Bole peluk bantal :DD

#2. handphone aku sentiasa on and aku takkan off time study okay.

#3. aku takde dictionary tebal2 sume tu. tp handphone aku ada dictionary. Sebab tu lah aku takkan off handphone. Ceh alasan, haha :D

#4. Never bring games, eh? Aku rasa games tu wajib kot. heheh.

#5. Aku suka study ramai2 le.

#6. -____-"

So, dari 5 rules tu, aku rasa aku ada persamaan ngan yang #3 aje. Hehe. Aku nasihatkan korg, ikut lah rules kt atas tu. Ni pun utk kebaikan korg je :)