"Hmmmmph. Tak sempat berbuat apa2. Nak mengeluh pun takde guna jugak. So, buat taktau jelahh, even sedikit perit, sedikit sakit, sedikit tersiksa"


Oh btw, hi peeps :)

Today is Monday, tomorrow will be, um.. Okay I forgot xD

Yesterday was fun, yesterday was nice. Today is not so fun, or in other word, SAD. But then, how about tomorrow? I hope tomorrow will be fun as well. But seriously, it won't turn out to be that way. It WON'T, I knew it. I need some time to think, to let go everything that makes me sad. Damn. I think I need someone special to hold on to. Blahh. What a wasteful hope.

Love, make your way to me.
It is not about how we care in the beginning, but how much we care till the ending. So cupid, if you can hear me, pick your aim. I don't care if she is a stranger or maybe a friend, Just shoot her with your arrow of love. Let her be mine, let her fall for me :D