Wan Nur Zulaikha Wan Azam, even though saya tak berapa kenal awak, sejujurnya kan, from my point of view, awak betul- betul seorang yang fragile. Seriously, saya tak tipu pasal ni. Awak pun tahu saya tak pernah tipu awk kan. Hm. Kalau awk nak cuba berubah sekalipun, jangan terlalu memaksa diri awak. Cause nanti, you'll get hurt :( Take your time, okay awak? At the same time, please be strong, okay. Please :/

P/s: take care.


I know I couldn't protect you. But at least, I'm able to treat you well (:


Facebook ohh.

Facebook, tolong lah jangan buat hal -.- Nak login pun tak bole dahh haish. 10 kali try login, 10 kali gagal. Rasa menyesal pulak logout tengahari td. Hm. Merajuk nanti kang, baru tahu :/

Hihi. Btw, did you guys notice ada benda yang pelik kt Google punya homepage harini? Serious comel. Kartun tu kan, bole gerak2 kot. Exciting gilaa.Tengok lah sendiri kalau tak percaya :D

G o o g l e

Besar gila mulut -.-

Kesian L kena makan. hihi

Sobs. Mana L? :(

Kbyee. Take care :)



I wonder if my words are makin' any difference (:



Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Skrg da pukul 5 lebih. Rasa mengantuk gila2 dahh. Dr semalam lagi tak tido. Mata pun da jd mcm panda hihi. Kalau pejam je mata, confirm terus tido ni. Tp, hm. Kalau tido, mmg confirm2 lah miss solat Subuh nanti kan -.-

So, apa perlu dibuat? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay lah, I have to stay awake. Taknak lah miss solat nanti kan. Plus, nak berdoa lepas solat lagi mcm selalu yeayy :D Tp rasa mcm doa tak diterima je :S What should I do so that doa diterima Tuhan eh? Haih. Susah betul -.-



Assalamualaikum :)

I don't know why, but pagi td, I cried :O Around 5.30 a.m rasanya, just before I went to bed. Yeah, I know I shouldn't, since I'm already nineteen. But then, lepas tu rasa lega sikit. Yelah kan, since I have no one to share the story with :/ Menangis jela sorg2. Nasib baik tak bengkak mata ._. Hm. Tp, crying is a normal thing, kan? Cause some said that sometimes, we need to sit down and cry. I was overwhelmed by sadness and regrets, you know? I am scared of losing people around me. Yes, I am. Tak kira berapa banyak berdoa sekalipun.




Dear god,

Thanks for giving me another year. Thanks for great family. Thanks for awesome friends. Thanks for blessing me all these years. Thanks for everything. You've given me too much. But dear god, I have one birthday wish this year. Could you please protect these wonderful people around me? Please? I hope this will come true. Amin :)

Hihi. Birthday celebration tahun ni tak seronok lah. Jauh berbeza dari tahun lepas sobs. But nvm lah kan *muka redha. Hm. Ouh btw, thanks a lot for the birthday wishes, guys! You know what, ada org tu kan, wish kt sy through blog :O Hihi. Seriously, terkejut gila. I was speechless laa :')

Thankyousosomuch. Sy akan ingat sampai bila2 (:

Hihi. Rasa mcm nak sambung tido pulak. Kbyee ._.



Awk awk, jaga diri baik2 kt sana yea. Hihi. Awk kena tahu y sy takkan lupa awk, so awk pun jangan lupa sy kt sini lah eh? :D
kbyee, rindu awk byk2. seriously :DD



Hai :D







Harini saya selesema, pastu mata jadi berair.
Rasa mcm sedang menangis pulak -.-







Bai :D




1.     I’m doing this because I can't sleep.
2.     I love watermelon juice
3.     I think girls in baju kurung are beautiful.
4.     I loike egg tarts.
5.      I have problems with colors.
6.     I like cats, but I don't have any
7.     I don't smoke. I know it'll get me dizzy
8.     I'm a bit addicted to Facebook
9.     I am fat
10. I am short
11. I lied to you about facts 9 and 10
12. I feel insecure most of the time
13. I am not into politics
14. I hate being followed by salesperson while shopping. I won’t steal anything laa!
15. I'm really into spaghetti.
16. I won't greet strangers, unless they make the first move
17. I really want to have a pen pal
18. I'm a bad driver. I mean, too bad. I don’t know how I passed the test.
19. I've never been to Tutti Frutti. I'm curious about the yoghurt -.-
20. WALL-E made me cry
21. I like stuffed crust pizza
22. Skinny jeans make me look thin and tall. Which I really like.
23. I hate being the center of attention
24. I'm going to learn to play guitar someday. And piano as well.
25. I enjoy watching stars at night. They are beautiful.
26. I'm thin, not because I don't eat much. It's due to the metabolism thingy.
27. I've never expressed my feeling towards girl yet. I just don't know how -_-"
28. I'm not that aggressive type of person
29. I can't differentiate between laksa and laksam
30. I'll turn quiet whenever I'm sad or mad
31. I do like to hear to one's problem
32. I am shy, and I don't really like it
33. I like purple
34. I am clumsy
35. I do have regrets
36. I am truly amazed with how electronic devices work.
37. I love cheese. Yummy
38. I am not racist, and I hate racism
39. I like playing PC games
40. I could stay awake playing PC games for more than 24 hours
41. I am not good in comforting people
42. I am kind? BIG NO.
43. I am a bad singer
44. I eat whenever I get bored.
45. I don't get jealous easily. 
46. I am sensitive. I used to cry a lot
47. I am scared of black cats. I think they have some sort of connections with evil spirits
48. I HATE spiders. Very much. And I'm not kidding.
49. I'm not afraid of darkness
50. I'm a Muslim
51. I envy those with wavy hair
52. I do think that birds deserve freedom and shouldn't be caged
53. I am secretive
54. I am faithful, you don't have to worry about it
55. Text messaging can make me smile. Like seriously
56. I’m straight
57. I hate my hair right now. I need a haircut
58. I do believe in the existence of aliens. I hope I’ll get the chance to meet them someday. Or being adopted, maybe?
59. I don’t really like travelling
60. I don’t want to grow up.
61. I like listening to love songs. Well, everyone does, right?
62. I’m going to stop at #70. I’m too tired.
63. I like being alone. That might sound weird, but that’s the fact.
64. I’m not friendly
65. I wish I could become invisible to the opposite sex
66. I’ve never been in a fight.
67. I can twist my tongue easily.
68. I have an imaginary girlfriend called Selena.
69. I’m sleepy. Goodnight everyone.
70.and oh, I think this one is cute -->  -___________________-
I'm too tired. 70 are enough, I guess. Oh btw, this might be my last post. I'm gonna stop blogging for a while. Take care people.



Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

comel kan? semangat lukis guna paint, pastu edit guna picasa hihi :P

Can you spot the brightest star across the sky? Yeah, that's exactly how you look like in my eyes. So please, don't be sad, eh? I'm right behind you, and I'll always be

Lately, awk selalu sedih, kan? Since sy tak dpt berbuat apa2, jd rasa bersalah pulak. So now, I'm letting you know how valuable you are to me. Jgn lah menangis dahh, ok awk?
Btw, bila awk da baca post ni nanti, sy nak awk tahu, yang sy rasa senang bila awk ada hihi. kbyee :')

*Haish, sepatutnya sy buat bintang tu colour pink instead of yellow kan -.-



Hello peeps -.-

Harini, I got another wish from Celcom, for the second time in three days -.-

Selamat Hari Raya lagi! Hrp mklm, bila anda berjumlah RM100.2 pd 01/9/11 tlh melebihi had kredit yang dibenarkan.

Sobss. So da tak dapat call or text orang lah kan.
Thankyou Celcom. You made my day -____________________-"


Hello :)

How's raya, peeps? Seronok? Harap2 mcm tu lah kan. Erm. Btw, korg pernah tak dpt wish hari raya from Celcom? Well, sy rasa sy org paling bertuah di planet bumi ni sebab kan, Celcom wish kt sy time hari raya pertama tu :D Ni wish yang sy dpt haritu.

Pelanggan yang dihargai, Selamat Hari Raya! hrp maklum, penggunaan anda berjumlah RM90 pd 30/08/11 telah mencapai 91%-99% drpd had kredit yg ditetapkan.Info bil: dail *119#.T.Kasih

See? You guys takkan tahu betapa happy sy masa tu, sampai nak menitis air mata T_____T
Haish. Menyampah gilaa. Lepas ni kalau da lebih limit, mesti da tak bole text or call org. Tunggu masa je. Rasa mcm malas je nak guna number ni dahh -.- Guna number Celcom yang lagi satu best sikit kot. Okay, confirm lagi best :D