Dear god,

Thanks for giving me another year. Thanks for great family. Thanks for awesome friends. Thanks for blessing me all these years. Thanks for everything. You've given me too much. But dear god, I have one birthday wish this year. Could you please protect these wonderful people around me? Please? I hope this will come true. Amin :)

Hihi. Birthday celebration tahun ni tak seronok lah. Jauh berbeza dari tahun lepas sobs. But nvm lah kan *muka redha. Hm. Ouh btw, thanks a lot for the birthday wishes, guys! You know what, ada org tu kan, wish kt sy through blog :O Hihi. Seriously, terkejut gila. I was speechless laa :')

Thankyousosomuch. Sy akan ingat sampai bila2 (:

Hihi. Rasa mcm nak sambung tido pulak. Kbyee ._.