1.     I’m doing this because I can't sleep.
2.     I love watermelon juice
3.     I think girls in baju kurung are beautiful.
4.     I loike egg tarts.
5.      I have problems with colors.
6.     I like cats, but I don't have any
7.     I don't smoke. I know it'll get me dizzy
8.     I'm a bit addicted to Facebook
9.     I am fat
10. I am short
11. I lied to you about facts 9 and 10
12. I feel insecure most of the time
13. I am not into politics
14. I hate being followed by salesperson while shopping. I won’t steal anything laa!
15. I'm really into spaghetti.
16. I won't greet strangers, unless they make the first move
17. I really want to have a pen pal
18. I'm a bad driver. I mean, too bad. I don’t know how I passed the test.
19. I've never been to Tutti Frutti. I'm curious about the yoghurt -.-
20. WALL-E made me cry
21. I like stuffed crust pizza
22. Skinny jeans make me look thin and tall. Which I really like.
23. I hate being the center of attention
24. I'm going to learn to play guitar someday. And piano as well.
25. I enjoy watching stars at night. They are beautiful.
26. I'm thin, not because I don't eat much. It's due to the metabolism thingy.
27. I've never expressed my feeling towards girl yet. I just don't know how -_-"
28. I'm not that aggressive type of person
29. I can't differentiate between laksa and laksam
30. I'll turn quiet whenever I'm sad or mad
31. I do like to hear to one's problem
32. I am shy, and I don't really like it
33. I like purple
34. I am clumsy
35. I do have regrets
36. I am truly amazed with how electronic devices work.
37. I love cheese. Yummy
38. I am not racist, and I hate racism
39. I like playing PC games
40. I could stay awake playing PC games for more than 24 hours
41. I am not good in comforting people
42. I am kind? BIG NO.
43. I am a bad singer
44. I eat whenever I get bored.
45. I don't get jealous easily. 
46. I am sensitive. I used to cry a lot
47. I am scared of black cats. I think they have some sort of connections with evil spirits
48. I HATE spiders. Very much. And I'm not kidding.
49. I'm not afraid of darkness
50. I'm a Muslim
51. I envy those with wavy hair
52. I do think that birds deserve freedom and shouldn't be caged
53. I am secretive
54. I am faithful, you don't have to worry about it
55. Text messaging can make me smile. Like seriously
56. I’m straight
57. I hate my hair right now. I need a haircut
58. I do believe in the existence of aliens. I hope I’ll get the chance to meet them someday. Or being adopted, maybe?
59. I don’t really like travelling
60. I don’t want to grow up.
61. I like listening to love songs. Well, everyone does, right?
62. I’m going to stop at #70. I’m too tired.
63. I like being alone. That might sound weird, but that’s the fact.
64. I’m not friendly
65. I wish I could become invisible to the opposite sex
66. I’ve never been in a fight.
67. I can twist my tongue easily.
68. I have an imaginary girlfriend called Selena.
69. I’m sleepy. Goodnight everyone.
70.and oh, I think this one is cute -->  -___________________-
I'm too tired. 70 are enough, I guess. Oh btw, this might be my last post. I'm gonna stop blogging for a while. Take care people.