Hello :)

Td kan, masa dlm kereta, when I was looking outside, ternampak sorg pakcik ni. Cara dea jalan mcm pelik gila. So I was like, pelik gila kan. Then aku baru perasan. He is one of those who are less fortunate. I mean, disabled people :/

and suddenly made me think.

Hari2, we're not yet satisfied with what we have now. Maybe you have a normal life. You own a car and a not-so-big house. But you are not being grateful. You want another car, you want a much bigger house. Have you ever think, kt luar sana tu, there are people who don't own a car and even live on the streets? Let me remind you something. You should be grateful. Yes, you should.

Dear god, I'm thankful for everything that you gave to me. Lovely family, caring friends and everything else. I will largely appreciate them with all I have. I will (:
*thanks pakcik. hihi.

byee :D