Hello peeps :D

Aku ada sedikit persoalan. If one of your friends sedang bersedih for certain reason, apa yang selalu korg buat? Biarkan aje dia mcm tu, or you try to cheer him/her up? IF I were you, I would try to make him/her laugh.

Okay bercakap pasal ini, semalam ada sorg kawan aku ni sedih tau. So I was like, tak senang duduk kan. Then, aku pun google lah "how to cheer up those who are in pain". *semangat kan? xD
I read this one article, and I found it very helpful. Thanks a lot!
So, pagi ni aku try one of the steps mentioned in the article.

ME : *** comel :DD hihi. selamat pagi. Cheer up lah sikit okay (:

HER : Hihi. Okay, sy tgh sengih sorg2 ni bce msj awk :p

I tried STEP #5 - Try to compliment them. Don't overdo it. Just leave a message or two. It might work.

So look! It worked, rite. Walaupun tak seberapa, tp at least she cheered up a bit. I think that's more than enough :D
Okay cukup. tak baik mengumpat org kt blog (: